On Wednesday morning, we saw nearly all Portuguese newspapers talking about Everton’s interest in Florentino Luís.

There seems to be a consensus that the Toffees, who’ve been watching the Benfica midfielder for a while, are willing to go for his signing this summer.

That led CNN’s Mais Futebol to comment on his situation today, with pundit Diogo Luís bringing his opinion on the potential move to Everton.

The journalist comes up with a couple of reasons why Florentino should actually stay at Benfica instead of getting a summer move.

The first motive is that the Eagles didn’t have a great season, meaning that their squad is undervalued, and in case the offers for the midfielder are between €10m and €15m, that’s not money that will make a difference for the club, so they should keep him for another year.

Speaking of the player, Diogo Luís claims that Florentino does not seem to be seeking a move, as he looks to be commited to Benfica right now.

The reports from the Portuguese media are still to say how much Everton want to offer for Florentino. It’s already been claimed that they’re unlikely to repeat a previous €30m offer, so these fresh comments may be a sign that the Toffees can’t put too little on the table, or that won’t be enough.

There’s a positive side to all of this for Everton, whilst the €10-15m is just a suggestion and believed to be too low, the idea of that price wasn’t completely laughed out of town. Maybe, therefore, it could be seen as a starting point.