Lucas Moura’s desire to return to his old club São Paulo was never a secret, and that was confirmed once again by his agent today.

Speaking to Globo Esporte, representative Junior Pedroso talked about the future of the Tottenham Hotspur player, claiming it should still stake a few years until he returns to Brazil.

“The return to São Paulo is part of Lucas’ career project, yes. At the moment, he’s even looking for a house in Brazil to be able to work on his return,” Pedroso told Globo Esporte.

“São Paulo is the team of the heart. He watches the games, comments on the players, is always very up to date.”

It looks like even an exit from Tottenham to any other side doesn’t look on the cards for now, because according to Pedroso, there’s no desire from the winger or from Spurs for a move the player soon, even though there have been approaches from MLS clubs.

“We never know what will happen. The windows are very close together. But I think he has two or three more years in Europe, at least two seasons. At this level he’s at, he’ll go far.

“He’s playing at a high level, we do not imagine that Tottenham have the availability to negotiate him at this moment. It’s a team that has no financial need.

“In this past window, two big MLS clubs came wanting to take him, with a lot of desire. This is still in progress. We find it very difficult to build this now, precisely because he’s a starter for Tottenham, but it could be a project for the future.”

Lucas Moura left São Paulo in 2013, being part of their last relevant title, a Copa Sul Americana. The winger stayed at Paris Saint Germain for five years and joined Tottenham in a €28m move in January 2018.

Featuring for Spurs, he has 38 goals and 24 assists in 185 appearances so far, and continued to be an important player in the squad despite the recent changes of manager.