Since André-Frank Zambo Anguissa landed in Italy to sign for Napoli, we can’t stop seeing the local media telling us how good the transfer has been for the Serie A side.

The midfielder arrived from Fulham on a loan deal, with a clause saying the move can be made permanent for a fee of €15m.

Now, besides all the compliments from the media, there are positive comments from those involved with the club as well.

That’s the case of former general director Luciano Moggi.

The ex-official was interviewed by I Tirapietre, from Radio Amore Campania, and could only praise Anguissa for the performance in the 2-1 win over Fiorentina.

“A great defence, if you find an Anguissa doing that job in midfield, then you’re good,” said Moggi (via Area Napoli).

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“It was a stroke of luck for Napoli on the transfer market, having taken the midfielder from Fulham. In addition to being skilled at marking, he has extraordinary feet.”

“The merits of Napoli are all there, the demerits are all of those who had given up on him and sent him away in an unusual way, unless there are things underneath that we do not know. But after seeing him on the pitch, he looks like an excellent player, ready in defending and lending a hand to his teammates.”

With those comments going around the Italian media since the time of the signing, it’d be no surprise to see Napoli signing Anguissa from Fulham on a permanent move.

The rumour is already on in local reports, with claims saying the Serie A side could try to anticipate the purchase and try to get a €5m discount for that.