Just like the English press, the Brazilian media is today also full of stories about Everton and Richarlison. With the Toffees escaping relegation and the forward hitting back at Jamie Carragher, there are many headlines about what happened last night.

It turns out that ESPN Brasil correspondent João Castelo-Branco was at Goodison Park. Besides covering the match, he was on the pitch following the pitch invasion and still managed to have a word with the Brazilian star amid the celebrations.

First speaking of the support that players received from Everton fans before and during the match, Richarlison explained it really made a difference for the squad, and helped them get a positive result.

“It was wonderful. The arrival here, the corridor they made there, all blue,” Richarlison told ESPN Brasil.

“It motivates us. It motivates us to give our lives for them. That’s what we did on the field. A victory that many will not forget. That it was a wonderful night where we managed to escape relegation.”

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Richarlison also talked about the struggles Everton had this season, and had a message for his teammates who made the unbelievable comeback against Crystal Palace possible.

“It was a difficult season where we fought a lot. So I thank everyone who did their best, who tried hard to be in this wonderful moment, and in this great night that we lived here at Goodison Park.”

As the Brazilian continues to show his love for Everton and gets the same treatment from club and fans, he now approaches a summer where he’s surrounded by rumours of an exit from Goodison Park.