Being the subject of the most expensive transfer in the history of football can be a burden for the player as much as it is a blessing for the team who sell him for vast sums of money.

Juventus were the beneficiaries of around £90m as Paul Pogba returned ‘home’ to the Premier League, but the Serie A champions weren’t the only ones to get money from the deal.

Yes, Raiola most likely got a nice little paycheque for doing agent stuff, but two of Paul Pogba’s youth teams also received some much needed money as a result of the midfielder’s transfer.

L’Equipe, as they did Les Ulis when Anthony Martial moved to United for a fee that can reach up to €80m, went to find out how much l’US Roissy-en-Brie (where Pogba played between 1999-2006) and l’US Torcy (2006-07) received.

At 0,0033%, the French newspaper reckon they both got just over €300k (they claim the transfer was around €110m overall), which is a huge sum for clubs whose annual budget is normally €40k.

Sambou Tati, Roissy-en-Brie’s manager, said: “It’s a pride, not only for the club but also for the town. Plus, the player is top one, which puts our club under the spotlight.”

As for what they expect to do with the money, US Torcy’s president explained: “We have a few projects to improve the day to day running of the club, but this amount will not be spent over the next six months.”

With the amounts being thrown around by Premier League clubs making most numb to small sums in football, it’s always nice to remember there are always some who can still hugely benefit from what is essentially a week of Wayne Rooney’s wages.