Loris Karius isn’t really a figure in the English media these days, which he’s probably thankful for after what has happened in the past.

The goalkeeper is now into his second season with Newcastle United, signing a series of short term contracts, and is a bigger figure in the Italian media than here.

That’s because of his relationship with Diletta Leotta, who is a famous TV presenter and journalist in the country. The Italian media have followed the couple’s relationship almost obsessively since the start, and given they recently welcomed their first child, a little girl named Aria, that coverage has obviously peaked.

Karius is mentioned multiple times in the Italian media on a daily basis, and Corriere della Sera have managed to have a chat with the man himself.

Unsurprisingly, most of the interview was related to his personal life, but he was also asked about his football future… and a potential move to Italy.

Corriere della Sera asked the Newcastle United player if he’d like to return to having a leading role somewhere, and perhaps in Serie A.

To that, Karius replied: “It is a possible solution, which I consider. It could happen in the future. As a child I followed Inter, Milan and Juve matches on TV. But I don’t want to move only based on Aria and Diletta. I’m waiting for a good job opportunity.”

The newspaper then pressed further, probing whether it’s difficult to be apart from his girlfriend and daughter, to which the player said: “Most of the time we are distant, of course. We talk a lot on the phone, we make video calls with FaceTime. Diletta comes to visit me as soon as she can, but it’s not easy.”

Karius appears to be genuinely happy in his personal life, which he’s explained has given him more serenity in his professional life too.

For those who like a little romance, Corriere ended the interview by asking if Diletta is the love of his life, and he said: “Yes, I chose to start a family with her. Our plan is to be together for the rest of our lives.”