Bayern Munich have been unashamedly public in their pursuit of Leroy Sane this summer.

All the big cheeses at the German club have publicly spoken about signing the Manchester City player, and convincing him that a move to Bayern is best for his career.

Several players at the Bundesliga club have also spoken about Sane, and it’s a surprise City haven’t yet been irritated enough to swat the fly away.

Now Bild have a round-up of the situation.

They say the ‘poker’ over the player is entering the ‘hot phase’.

Despite that claim, it’s also stated there’s been ‘no concrete talks’ with Sane’s entourage, which would very much make it sound like things haven’t really got off the ground yet.

Mats Hummels sale to Borussia Dortmund is seen as a plus for this move, because his wages have been removed from the bill, but that never appeared a big problem anyway.

Bild then go full soap opera. They say the situation around who represents Sane is ‘mysterious’, and add that his mother Regina Weber-Sané negotiated his move to City.

The agent Jürgen Milewski was brought in to help, and now Sane’s father Souleyman works with him.

There’s been endless claims in Germany of a relationship with the agency which represents David Beckham, but the family have refused to confirm that. They refuse interviews and are don’t want to be in the public eye.

The German newspaper says the relationship between Sane’s girlfriend Candice Brook and the player’s mother is ‘not the best’, and that the latter would be keen on him returning to his own country. Meanwhile, Brook isn’t so keen to give up on life in England.

This just sounds like gossip, to be frank. On one hand Bild make an effort to say how private the family are, and on the other hand they claim to know about internal domestic strife.

There’s various other claims in a rather lengthy article, yet the takeaway from it would be that not a lot is happening right now.