Joao Cancelo’s refusal to bend could end up losing Manchester City Manchester City €30m this summer, as they may be forced to accept a deal that doesn’t suit them.

That’s according to Sport, who say the Catalans are only interested in another loan deal for the full-back and that’s causing issues.

The newspaper explains that Barcelona are now in full planning mode for next season and their plans are now beginning to firm up.

They would like to continue working with Cancelo, who has spent this season on loan from Manchester City, but they only want another loan deal and not a permanent move.

They want to work out a deal that would suit them, particularly from a financial aspect, and Cancelo may help in that regard.

He’s made it clear he wants Barcelona above anything else and so would be willing to reject any other proposals that come his way.

That’s bad news for Manchester City as they were eyeing a €30m sale to Barcelona or anyone else but if the defender refuses to negotiate with other parties, City could be stuck.

In that eventuality they would be ‘condemned to reach an agreement’ with Barcelona and perhaps miss out on the €30m they were looking for to get rid of Cancelo permanently.

Cancelo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, is working on the matter and trying to manoeuvre so that Manchester City will agree to another loan deal themselves, rather than being forced into it, something it seems Cancelo is willing to do to them.