A Bola continues to be the only Portuguese newspaper who are still feeing the Alex Telles saga.

Today it’s only them and O Jogo who have a story on the left-back, but as the northern outlet only takes information from the English media, it’s all down to A Bola.

What the newspaper has to say today is that Telles continues waiting for the ‘green light’ so he can finally make the move to Manchester United.

It’s said the left-back already has an agreement with Manchester United, as his earnings of €4m per season, after tax, and length of contract are already set.

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The player is said to be ‘determined to start a new chapter in his career’, but wants to leave the club in a good way, since he’s always been well treated by the Dragons. That’s why he waits and should be available for the game against Boavista at the weekend.

A Bola writes that Porto don’t seem willing to let Alex Telles go so easily. The club are said to be demanding €25m his departure, and Manchester United want to pay less than that.