Since the weekend’s reports from England saying Crystal Palace are keen on signing former Liverpool goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri, there have been a few interesting updates from Brazil on the matter.

Local outlets didn’t know much at first. Since the player was released by Fluminense earlier this year, club sources didn’t have a lot of access to the situation.

That’s why when contacting Cavalieri’s staff, Lance were told his representatives would not comment on the Crystal Palace claims. All that was said is the goalkeeper is not interested in finding a mutual agreement for his departure from Fluminense, and the club will have to pay all they owe him.

Cavalieri was released because of his big wages, and despite negotiations with other sides, that’s why he hasn’t been signed by any other Brazilian club so far.

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But this afternoon, some big news comes from Globo Esporte. Hector Werland, who covers Fluminense for the website, claims the goalkeeper is in London negotiating with Crystal Palace.

Without many details, all he says is that ‘negotiations are still on’. As this is not Fluminense’s subject anymore, the story didn’t get much attention.

At 35 years of age, we’re pretty sure that all Cavalieri wants is a decent salary and a reasonable chance of a starting spot. If Palace can offer him that, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t leave Brazil for the Premier League.