Hull City are set to announce the signing of the former Porto left-back Evandro today, according to reports from the Portuguese press.

A Bola, O Jogo and Record all say the player had his medicals at the English club on Thursday and there’s now only the contract left to sign.

The price that Hull are paying for Evandro is still a mystery. The Portuguese newspapers already had a disagreement about this yesterday, and things haven’t changed much today.

CapturarApart from A Bola, who apparently gave up on reporting the details of the deal, the other outlets are still going against each other by going between it being loan or a permanent transfer.

Record claims the player is moving on a €1.1m loan, with the Tigers having a buying option of €600k at the end of the season. But O Jogo insists that it’s a permanent transfer and Porto will get €2.5m.

Evandro has already worked under Marco Silva during their time at Estoril between 2013 and 2014. He’s leaving Porto after two and a half seasons with the club.