The Spanish media are today pretty certain that Rafa Mujica will be cutting short his loan spell at Real Oviedo, but there’s no definitive stance on where he’s going.

Owned by Leeds United, the attacker went to Oviedo on loan for the season with the hope of getting enough minutes to aid his development. That hasn’t happened, which has presented the necessity to find a new home in the winter market.

Las Palmas, from Mujica’s home city, were pushed as the likely option, but they needed to get rid of players first and that was facing a delay.

On Saturday, Cope reported the player was facing a ‘weekend of maximum professional tension’ as he waited for a call from Las Palmas which hadn’t arrived. Should that call still not arrive then Leeds United will have to find him an alternative home, likely in Spain’s Segunda Division.

Grada3 now report Mujica’s exit from Oviedo is ‘only pending confirmation’, with another media outlet close to the club, La Voz de Galicia, stating it’s expected the player’s exit will be ‘made official in the next few hours’.

There’s nothing from the media closest to Las Palmas, but it will be hoped that option can be secured before the window closes. If not, Leeds would have to find another one or take Mujica back to train with them for the rest of the season.