It’s been a few months since Leeds United started getting linked to Fiorentina midfielder Erick Pulgar, and things are still to get heated up.

The latest report about this chase comes from Sportitalia journalist Gianluigi Longari, who claims the Whites are still to make their move for the signing.

On Twitter, he writes that there’s the interest from the Elland Road side to land the 27-year-old, but any offers are still to be made.

That’s all he has to say for now, and for the hope of some Leeds United fans, he makes it clear that the lack of offers happens to be ‘at the moment’, so perhaps things could change soon.

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In the most updates we had covered from the Italian media, La Nazione journalist Angelo Giorgetti claimed that ‘Leeds is a concrete opportunity” for Pulgar, with the newspaper going on to say the player’s transfer is ‘very probable’ this month.

Now as we’re already in the middle of the January transfer window and the Whites haven’t made a bid yet, they need to get a move on.