Raphinha’s first three appearances for the Brazil national team continue being highlighted in his home country.

And now there are those who say the Leeds United star already deserves a place in the World Cup.

The affirmation is made by former national team winger Denilson, who was interviewed this week by Flow Sport Club.

The 2002 World Cup winner claims that Raphinha has already proved himself in the first opportunities he had under Tite, as ‘not even Neymar’ was able to show that much confidence in Brazil’s last few matches.

“What this boy doing now at the national team, Raphinha. He’s getting very close to the Cup,” Denilson told Flow Sport Club.

“He was called up now, and the kid swallowed it in all three games. If you ask him, for sure he’ll say ‘bro, that’s it’. There’s one year left for the World Cup. He had three opportunities and flew in all three.”

“I doubt Tite won’t take him to the World Cup. From here to the World Cup there won’t be many games anymore, so he put his name in, someone will miss out. Some of those who play on the side of the pitch will be out.”

“It’s over. The kid arrived, flew, Tite has to take him. We don’t have a player today… Not even Neymar had the confidence that this boy had in these three games. Not even Neymar. The boy flew. The boy plays like hell, man.”

Raphinha played the games against Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay. He was brought from the bench in the first two, and with the impressive minutes he had in both, he won a starting place in the last game, where he scored two goals.

There are now only six games left in the World Cup Qualifiers, and right now, it’s fair to say that the Leeds United player is one of those with the highest morale in the squad.