With some football players now doing live streams, we can already see how comfortable they feel when speaking about topics they usually wouldn’t in regular interviews.

This is the case of James Rodriguez. When chatting with fans this week, the Everton star had already admitted he’s been studying the options he has for his future.

Now in a new stream, the midfielder was asked about a potential return to Real Madrid, who he left for the Toffees last summer. The 29-year-old, however, quickly dismissed any chances of it.

“Nobody wants me there anymore. That’s part of football, guys”, said James Rodriguez live on Twitch (via Fichajes).

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Following his previous claims that he dreams of playing for Colombian side Deportes Tolima, James was also quizzed about the chances off returning to play in his home country, and also claims that isn’t something that crosses his mind at the moment.

“It’s not in my plans, really. Who knows in two, three or four years because life and football takes many turns, but I think not. Right now I don’t think so.”

James Rodriguez’s contract with Everton runs until 2022, with a club option for one extra year.

There have recently been rumours about him leaving the club, but we’ve recently took a look at those stories, and they may be weaker than they initially seem.