Edinson Cavani has finally spoken to the Argentine media about his situation at Manchester United.

It was from the South American country that most claims about his future had been coming from in the past few months. Local reports were confident that he’d promised to join Boca Juniors once he decided to leave Europe, and even his father claimed it was likely for him to make the move this summer.

Cavani has since signed a one-year contract extension with Manchester United, and probably thought this was the best time for him to speak to the Argentine press and explain what was going on during this time.

The striker gave an exclusive interview to TyC Sports, and as they say, ‘broke the silence’ about the situation.

“The Boca thing was a chance that was on the table. It was always very clear. Roman didn’t call me when I arrived in Manchester to say ‘come’,” Cavani told TyC Sports.

“He communicated with me from the time I was in Paris, that is, I’ve been in contact with him for a few years now and not for him to tell me ‘you have to come’, ‘come here’, but to be in contact, to congratulate me, to recognise things that as a footballer he thinks are very good and he likes them. I’ve had talks with him, but things have always been very clear between him and me.”

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“It was something that was concrete. They showed me their interest, their desire to want to have me at their club. I appreciate it and I appreciated it, I’ve always told them. They know perfectly what I feel and what I think. The possibility that they’d take me was real, but I was always very clear, things were always very clear.”

Boca Juniors’ hopes of signing him aren’t gone, and Cavani isn’t closing the doors to a future move either. He just makes it clear that it will take a little longer until it happens, with him clearly having work to do at Manchester United.

“At least I’ve never closed it. We’d have to ask them if Boca’s door is open. For my part, I’ve shown and commented on my feelings. Today, the reality is also this, I’m here, my head is and I’m happy.”