When Andreas Pereira left Manchester United to have a loan spell at Flamengo, he won’t have predicted the nightmare he lived on Saturday.

In the Copa Libertadores final, the midfielder made a mistake in extra time, losing the ball to Palmeiras striker Deyverson, who ended up in through on goal and was able to secure the continental title.

Andreas of course felt guilty about the defeat, and the Manchester United player’s reaction is explained by Globo Esporte. The outlet says Flamengo’s squad and staff were ‘worried’ about him, as the player ‘collapsed in tears’ at the final whistle.

It’s said the 25-year-old then had a ‘compulsive cry’ and ‘isolated himself’ in the dressing room, and manager Renato Gaúcho went to speak to him.

“You are not to blame for anything. Get your head up. It’s not your fault. I used to be your age, I know how difficult it is, but you play a lot,” said the coach.

Globo Esporte still adds that the ‘most marking moment’ was when Andreas met his family in the hotel lobby, and it was an ‘impacting scene’, with people concerned about the reaction fans would have on the player’s return to Rio and, inevitably, on social media.

According to the story, Flamengo are now giving him ‘psychological support’ so the mistake ‘doesn’t become a trauma’ in the coming months at Flamengo, as his spell from Manchester United runs until next summer.

The loan had been going reasonably well, indeed it’s been better than many expected, and there’s even been talk of a potential permanent move.