Another day, another story about Manchester United’s desire to sign Nikola Milenković.

Thursday’s was a rather big one, as Gazzetta dello Sport revealed that due to the player’s refusal to sign a new contract at Fiorentina, his price on the market had ‘crumbled’.

It was believed to currently stand at around €25m, but there were hints that could drop further, which was great news for Manchester United, who have been following the Serbian for a while.

Sport Mediaset on Friday have a different angle, however, claiming there is every reason to believe the player will move in the summer to avoid him leaving on a free, the price will be €35m.

A few clubs have come knocking, but it’s said Manchester United ‘have the advantage’ for the sole reason that they are the ‘only club’ who have ‘shown no objection’ to the above asking price.

It’s an interesting situation, with two outlets pushing very different amounts, but it still remains to be seen if Milenković does end up being Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s number one target for the centre-back role or if the Norwegian manager decides to look elsewhere.