Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang spent four years at Arsenal before they released him at the start of this year. He then joined Barcelona as a free agent and returned to England in the summer window, when Chelsea signed him.

Last week, a video surfaced where the 33-year-old is critical of Mikel Arteta. He stated the Gunners manager ‘can’t handle big players’ at the north London club.

The Gabon international took to Twitter to confirm this video was recorded just after he joined Barca, when he “had a lot of bad feelings”.

Antonio Cassano isn’t impressed with Chelsea player given his remarks on Arteta, who has helped the north London club sit top of the league table after nine matches.

“Now Aubameyang is speaking as well. He dares to say that Arteta doesn’t know how to handle champions. When Arteta took Arsenal, in a general disaster, there were many players among that, and he was there too,” the former AC Milan man told Bobo TV, relayed by Area Napoli.

“Does Aubameyang consider himself a champion? But he doesn’t know how to trap the ball. Now Aubameyang can speak as well… people wake up in the morning and start talking about football. Now football is good for everyone.

“Aubameyang, two dribbles with his left foot every now and then, fouls, every now and then he stops the ball well.

“Goals, goals, goals ok … try to play football instead of talking about Arteta, who is a manager and who has a young team, nothing special, and is first in the most important league in the world. For me it’s madness.”

Cassano may not be aware of when Aubameyang made these statements about Arteta, but he probably wouldn’t care.