ESPN Brasil this week features an interview with Liverpool midfielder Fabinho.

Since this is the first time they’ve spoken to the 27-year-old this season, there were a few questions about the Reds squad and the favourites to win the Premier League title, who he believes are Manchester City and Chelsea.

Fabinho believes Liverpool have a strong team, and expects their experience to help them in this campaign.

“Even though Liverpool haven’t spent as much as other clubs in this window, several players have renewed their contracts, which is very important for the club. I was one of those players. We signed Konaté, who is an excellent defender, Harvey Elliot came back on loan, which is something important for us, Minamino, too,” Fabinho told ESPN Brasil.

“I believe our team is very strong, it’s the same team that won the Premier League two years ago. More experienced players, more important games in the bag. These are things that make the team stronger. And if you want to have a winning team, we have to keep the most important pieces and that’s what Liverpool have been doing.”

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Even though the player seemed happy to help the team when called on to play in defence last season, he now explains he’d rather stay in midfield this time.

“I hope not. Not for me playing in the defence, but I hope the players don’t have the injuries they had last season. When someone is out, let it be by cards, not by injury.

“As much as the sequence of games is stronger now, the league is very intense, I hope we are prepared for that. If I need to play, I’ll play as I’ve always done, but I hope everyone is fine and we don’t need Fabinho in defence.”

Despite his faith in Liverpool’s squad, Fabinho still doesn’t seem to consider them favourites for the Premier League title, and he was quick to throw the pressure to other sides, especially after the big signings that other clubs have been making.

“If I look at the team, I think Manchester City are the favourites, as they’re the defending champions and still keep strengthening themselves, which is what they do every season. They, even being champions, winning titles, always want to reinforce, so they are favourites of the season.

“Chelsea, current Champions League champions, keep buying, too. I think these two teams come really strong, too, and are the favourites.”

Following the 3-2 win over AC Milan in the Champions League opening fixture on Wednesday night, Liverpool now prepare to play Crystal Palace tomorrow.