Since Fulham were promoted to the Premier League, Rodrigo Muniz has been linked with a move back to Brazil.

The Whites didn’t seem to have big plans for him, and even loaned him out to Middlesbrough, while clubs from his home country remained interested in him.

Muniz is today featured in a long interview with Globo Esporte, and didn’t mind giving some details about the chase for him.

“There were some offers for me to leave. And I didn’t even want to listen, because I wanted to play here this year. I get injured against Brentford, come back, start playing well, score in the cup, start against United and get injured again. Now, in January, they’ve signed a new striker. Before that I was baptised in church. When the other striker arrives, in the first game I start scoring goals and, thank God, I don’t stop.”

The Fulham player claimed that Grêmio and Atlético-MG were some of the clubs who tried to sign him, and both failed with their attempts. The first to try weas Grêmio, with manager Renato Gaúcho picking up the phone trying to convince him.

“Renato called me and made me an offer. He said he really wanted me. He’s known me since Flamengo. I told him I’d think about it and let him know tomorrow. I spoke to my wife and family. We thought it would be great, because Grêmio is a great club, but we realised that maybe it wasn’t the right time.”

Then there was Atlético-MG, and he had reasons to accept and decline that specific club, due to some rivalry.

“Galo did it now, in the middle of last year. I didn’t get to talk to anyone from Atlético, but my agent did and told me I just had to say whether I wanted to or not. But I’m from Minas Gerais. And Atlético is a great club, and I do want to play. It just wasn’t the right time for me to come back. And the moment I’m living now told me that it was the best decision at the time.

“My wife is a fanatical Atlético fan, my parents are Cruzeiro fans. And in my town I have friends who are both Atlético and Cruzeiro fans. And it was that go, no go. And just being remembered by a team like Atlético makes you think.”

After Muniz stayed at Fulham, he ended up finding some good form at the club in the past few months. Now he’s happy to be doing well for the Whites, and is hopeful that he’ll soon get called up by the Brazilian national team to be their number nine.

“I have a guy who works with me. He’s my psychologist and personal trainer. André. He talked to me in the second game when I scored two goals. He said that we have to know how to navigate what we’re going through. Because before I wasn’t the worst player and now I’m not the best. Matheus, who looks after my image, set up a team to work with me, and that’s making a big difference.

“I’m working hard to keep this momentum going. Of course, selection is a dream for every young Brazilian. I really want to. I have to keep playing my part here at Fulham, keep putting in good performances and scoring goals. Things will happen. If I’m in a good moment, a call-up could happen.”