While not exactly an easy place for young players to make their mark in, the Premier League remains the dream for youngsters the world over, with Arsenal a big attraction for many.

Setting up in another league and developing there, though, often proves the easier and better route for the world’s best talent.

It’s been the case for numerous players, with the likes of Kevin de Bruyne a perfect example of how a player can turn himself into a world-class player before finally getting their shot in England’s top flight.

The 21 year old Belgian midfielder managed that after struggling at Chelsea making the move to Wolfsburg, caught the eye and then commanded the huge fee from Manchester City.

That Bundesliga to Premier League route is one many a player is taking these days and one that will likely only grow given the success of the likes of Jadon Sancho.

Xaver Schlager is another young start to head to Germany as the next step, swapping RB Salzburg for Wolfsburg this summer, although it appears he has his eye on a different final destination… Arsenal.

“As a kid in Austria, everyone dreams of making it abroad, probably as early as the age of 7. The league just is not that attractive,” he told Kicker.

“I have not reached a final goal, now comes the next goal. I’ve been a fan of Arsenal since I was a kid, that’s my dream club and it’s my dream to play there.”