With Bruno Guimarães recently making his 100th appearance for Newcastle United, Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte now shares an interview with the midfielder.

The story’s big slant the recent rumours around the 26-year-old, as he’s been heavily linked with a move to Paris Saint Germain.

Guimarães, however, doesn’t want to feed that. Right in his first response of the interview, he made it clear that he’s fully focused on Newcastle right now.

“I have no thoughts of the future. The present holds 100% of my attention,” said Bruno Guimarães.

“I’m very focused on that, on maintaining this dream of the club qualifying for a European competition. I’m happy and I’m happy here. And that’s what I’ve dedicated myself to 100% since I signed for the club.”

Globo Esporte highlights that Bruno Guimarães ‘avoids’ speaking about a potential transfer. The player prefers to highlight the tough part of the season that Newcastle are currently in, especially with multiple problems in the squad.

“There are a lot of injuries, punishments for some players, surgeries for some of them… it’s the season I’ve been playing the most. I’ve only missed one match. It’s a different season, I’d say. But I still think we can end it in the best possible way, by winning a place in the Conference League, or the Europa League, or maybe the Champions League, however difficult it may be. But I think we have to get the club into Europe again.”

Regarding his latest milestone, Bruno highlighted how important that is for him.

“I think every player dreams of playing in the Premier League, and to be completing 100 games for an English team is undoubtedly something that makes me very happy, very fulfilled. There are many more to come, but this milestone is very important.”

On Friday morning, Bruno’s agent Alexis Malavolta posted on a French flag on Twitter, and that led some to believe he could be going to Paris to negotiate the midfielder’s potential transfer to PSG.

The representative, however, then came up to say he went there for ‘private and family reasons’, highlighting that the player is happy with the Magpies. He later deleted both tweets.