With things going great at Corinthians after a 2-1 derby win over Palmeiras at the weekend, winger Willian gave an exclusive interview to Arena SBT last night.

Following his move from Arsenal, the 33-year-old was of course once again asked why he left the Gunners and why gave up on the money left on his big financial contract with the Premier League club.

“My year at Arsenal was a bit complicated. I really couldn’t adapt to the club. I wasn’t happy there,” Willian told Arena SBT.

The Brazilian had a contract with the North London side running until 2023, and claims it was his own decision to rescind it, despite rumours suggesting it was the club who initiated his exit.

“To make it very clear too, it wasn’t the club that wanted me to leave. I wanted to leave the club. I expressed my feeling, said I wasn’t happy. I said I wanted to look elsewhere, another place to play. And so there was this decision to leave. There are things in life that money can’t buy, money doesn’t pay for. You have joy, happiness, peace, a solid family. I think this is the most important thing for me.”

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Even though the FIFA Club World Cup isn’t a big deal in Europe, it’s a completely different story in South America. The last Brazilian side to win it were Corinthians when they beat Chelsea 1-0 back in 2012.

So Willian was quizzed about how he’d react in case Corinthians faced Chelsea, or even Arsenal, which seems unlikely, in a Club World Cup final. He didn’t mind showing he’d do his best.

“Let’s go at them, with everything.”