As Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola continues to consider Chelsea the favourites for the signing of Palmeiras wonderkid Endrick, we get to see an interesting and unusual update on this story today.

The reporter had on YouTube a live broadcast with Douglas Sousa, the player’s father, and even though the youngster’s dad didn’t want to talk a lot about the attacker’s transfer to Europe, which seems like a matter of time, there was a bet about the player’s destination.

It all started with Jorge Nicola using one of his sponsors to make some bets about the World Cup. He asked Endrick’s father for some suggestions, claiming they’d share the money in case they win it.

Nicola then suggested a bet with Douglas Sousa about the player’s destination. There, the journalist once again made it clear that he thinks the 16-year-old will end up at Chelsea.

Jorge Nicola: Now comes the main part: I need to figure out where his son is going to play. The possibilities are: PSG, made an official offer, France. I know that Real Madrid are very interested. I know Manchester City and United are watching. And that Chelsea are… it’s like that, it’s not information, but it’s a feeling. I think he’s going to Chelsea. I think Endrick’s destination will be Chelsea and then if I’m right, you’ll pay for a ticket and dinner there in London, is that it?

Douglas Sousa: So let’s do it like this: lunch or dinner, airfare, lodging there in London if he goes to London. Deal?

Jorge Nicola: Okay, deal. It is perfect. As of today, I am Chelsea Football Club. But it’s not just Chelsea, is it? I still win if it’s United and City too, is that it?

Douglas Sousa: No, no. It’s the club.

Jorge Nicola: Fair.

Douglas Sousa: That’d be too easy, right?

Jorge Nicola: But do you think I have a chance? How is this story? I have a chance, do I?

Douglas Sousa: I don’t know. Of all the ones you mentioned, the only one that showed their face were PSG.

It was clear that Douglas didn’t want to say a lot more, so Nicola just finished the conversation and thanked him.

The Brazilian media has reported a few times that Chelsea are in serious talks to sign Endrick, as a few meetings reportedly already took place.

The teenager, however, is undoubtedly the most hyped up youngster we’ve seen in the country in a few years, and that’s why the likes of Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain are considered strong contenders as well.