It feels like John Bostock’s time as a wonderkid was a lifetime ago, but the footballer still has plenty of career left at 26 years of age and is currently playing for Toulouse.

He’s been at the French club since July, and it’s the twelfth club he’s had in professional football, having started out with Crystal Palace.

Making his debut for the London club at just 15 years of age, and still holding the record as their youngest player, Bostock then left Palace in a very controversial move to Tottenham Hotspur.

It turned the Palace fans against him and when the Spurs switch didn’t work out there were plenty ready to point the figure at the player’s perceived greed.

Speaking to L’Equipe, Bostock has told the French newspaper he regrets the move and would probably have done things differently if it wasn’t for outside factors.

On that he early debut, he’s explained: “A dream came true! Now that I’m away from the club, I appreciate those moments even more, especially since my record still stands. It means a lot because Crystal Palace is the club that I love the most and that I have supported since the age of five.”

On the move, Bostock said: “At fifteen, you do not choose. The club wanted to keep me. But my agent, my family, people put a lot of pressure on me to leave. It was not my choice. There were different reasons I left, including the pressure of money. But I think I should have stayed there because I had chances to play. If I could go back, I would stay.”

Maybe there’s a possibility, however small, that he could one day return to the club and round the circle.