David Wagner took charge of Huddersfield Town in November 2015 and has done a fine job with the Terriers.

He was instrumental in helping his side make it to the top flight club competition in England and they managed to avoid going straight back. After eight matches this term, they’re 18th in the table with three points after eight games, trailing 17th place Fulham by two points.

Huddersfield are one of the three Premier League clubs who are yet to register a victory and their manager sat down for an interview with German outlet Sport1, and was asked why the English club have struggled this season.

“It is a situation that we did not aspire to be in, but which we were aware of in advance that it could happen. We were allowed to play in the first games against teams that finished in the first half of the table. That was not an easy start,” Wagner explained.

“We have shown good performances in these games. As for the shots against the bar, we are at the top. We have had little to no luck so far.

“Accordingly, the result is 18th place. We are always very close, but there’s no reward for the effort we put in. But, I am confident that we will win again. Everything is still very close together. The other clubs are not miles away.”


Asked if he feels his job is under pressure, Wagner said: “No. I feel 100 percent the necessary backing. For outsiders who do not see our games and only look at the table, it looks more difficult than it feels for me. I’ve been able to do my job for many years without regard to table positions. In the phase in which we rose and were always at the top of the table, I have always said that we have to free ourselves from any table positions.”

Usually when Wagner speaks to the German media he’s asked about potentially returning to the country and managing a Bundesliga team, and this time it’s Hoffenheim who were suggested, to which the Huddersfield boss said: “I have a contract in Huddersfield until 2021 that I totally respect. And therefore, any comment on Hoffenheim is unnecessary from my side. The story we’re involved in at Huddersfield is simply too important to me.”