Earlier this week, covered reports from Argentina saying Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero had a club of preference in case he returns to the country.

He’d reportedly favour a move to his old side Racing instead of Boca Juniors, who’ve also been heavily linked to him lately.

It’s been made clear that Romero continues listening to offers from abroad, since his wife doesn’t want to live in Argentina again, so the move is still far from happening.

Another fact which would delay the signing is that Racing have Santiago Arias in the goalkeeping position, and would need to sort out his situation before signing Romero.

Now as Arias spoke to the local media last night, he was asked about the potential signing of the Manchester United player. And he didn’t sound very concerned with it.

“Since I arrived, Romero has been named. If he comes he will be welcome,” said Arias (via Olé).

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“He will surely want to defend Racing and feel good. I continue to play and be happy. Being here makes me very happy. I still have a contract.”

Sergio Romero’s contract with Manchester United expires at the end of the season, and that makes it a lot easier for Argentine sides to go after him.

Not used by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this season, the goalkeeper has been having plenty of time to think about his destination, but it seems his future is still far from sorted.