Arsenal winger Willian may not be the best friend you could have.

The Brazilian was interviewed by ESPN Brasil this week, and was asked to talk about some of the teammates he’s had through the years.

One of them is David Luiz, with whom Willian has a long time friendship. As they’re always making jokes with each other, reporter Edu de Menezes put some fuel on the fire.

He first asked Willian if he’s always been ahead of David Luiz in terms of style. The winger agreed with it, and talked a little about their friendship.

Of course, without a doubt. I’ve always been,” Willian told ESPN.

“He’s a great friend, no doubt about it. A big brother I have. I’ve known him since I was eight years old. We played together, little ones, then he went to São Paulo, I went to Corinthians, we lost a little contact, then we made contact again, he’s really a great friend, a great brother I have. We played together at the national team’s youth ranks, then the first team, then at Chelsea, now at Arsenal.”

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Then when speaking of their competition to grow the best hair, Willian claimed that David Luiz is actually going bald, although not everyone can see it.

“His hair is pool hair. You know how it is, right? You look from above, you can see the bottom of the pool. The pool is full, but you can see the bottom. And so, you can see the flaws. Hair is missing.

“You can see the pictures he takes. He only takes pictures with his cell phone like this, from the bottom up.”

The interview was full of funny stories, with Willian talking about an unnamed manager who’d send his team to attack when he was in front of the fans, and then tell them to sit-back once he could hide on the bench.