Excited with the recent promotion to the Premier League, Watford striker João Pedro was interviewed this week by ESPN Brasil.

With nine goals scored, the teenager managed to have his first full season for the Hornets, and helped the club return to their place in the elite of English football.

Now with little time to rest, the striker claims he’s already thinking of competing in the Premier League, and will spend his time off preparing for next season.

“My girlfriend is even mad at me because… on holiday, I’m going to have a month and two weeks or three weeks. And my head is 100% focused on work, on football,” João Pedro told ESPN Brasil’s João Castelo Branco.

“I know that next year can separate the boy from a… you know, that this is a huge opportunity for me, that I want to make the most of. I will try to enjoy the holidays, enjoy it a lot, but I will also work hard on the holidays.”

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João Pedro was also quizzed about the influence of Richarlison, who just like him, made a move from Brazilian side Fluminense straight to Watford. The youngster explained the Everton star helped him during his arrival, and is thankful for that.

“I’ve talked to Richarlison a few times. Before I came, he even talked to me, said that Watford were a club where I would evolve a lot, that people here help a lot. Like it or not, as Richarlison came before, he opened the door for me here. Because if Richarlison from Fluminense came, he had a good season and helped the club, why can’t João Pedro help too?

“He opened the door for me, I thank him for doing a great job here. Now he’s at Everton, I always watch the games when I can. I get happy, I think he helped me a lot like that. Incredible that always in the interview they always comment on this, this is good on the one hand, even because I hope it’s like this. Tomorrow or later, another player will come to Watford and they will tell him about João Pedro and Richarlison, and so it goes on.”

The striker talked about his plans and dreams for the future as well, and claims to have big objectives for his career.

“Everything I have to live, I will live, you know? I always say that to my friend, to Juan. That our life is already written, right. Whatever I have to live, I will live. Of course, there’s the question of work, performance, will. But what I have to live, I will always live.

“I still have many (dreams). The Champions League, World Cup, national team. I want to win everything possible. I want to get where I don’t expect.”