Liverpool star Roberto Firmino today has a very sincere interview featured by ESPN Brasil.

Speaking to reporter Natalie Gedra, the Reds’ forward acknowledged that their season hasn’t been good enough, and assured that the team has been working hard on the necessary improvements.

“It’s been a difficult season for me. We have to be sincere, there’s no lack of hope for improvement. My desire is to evolve and grow every day. There’s no lack of motivation for me,” Roberto Firmino told ESPN Brasil.

“I charge myself a lot. I know that I’m not at my best moment compared to the last few years. I always want to be helping with goals and assists, but that hasn’t been happening, unfortunately. But I don’t give up. I’m always looking to improve to help my team to be better, together with the group. I have to evolve day after day.

“I know the reality. I know that this year we’re not doing well. But we can reverse it. We still have chances to qualify in the Champions League. We have a final against Real Madrid and everything is still open. We will fight until the end.”

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The Brazilian talked about the frustration that Jurgen Klopp has been going through with the recent results. He’s also shown big discontent at the way Liverpool managed to beat Arsenal 3-0 at the Emirates and then have such a bad game against Real Madrid in Spain.

“He gets sad, he gets angry. Nobody likes to lose, especially him. Our team got used to winning. But, in this difficult time, we have to analyse our negative points and turn them into positive ones. We have to look for always give our best to each game.

“We had an excellent game against Arsenal. We didn’t concede goals, we were solid in defence, we scored three goals and we won. Three days later, we lost a very important game for the Champions League. We know that we still have the second game, that there’s nothing won or lost yet. We can reverse the score and come out winners. But we know that, especially in the first half against Real Madrid, we were very bad. Fortunately, we managed to score a goal and we have a chance to reverse that.”

Roberto Firmino only has six goals and seven assists for Liverpool this season. In case things continue like this, this could be his worst season since arriving at Anfield Road, at least in terms of stats.

Firmino explains that the Reds’ difficulty in scoring goals has a lot to do with the success the club had in the past few years. He now reckons that opponents have more defensive tactics which can finally stop the attacks from Jurgen Klopp’s side.

“For our team as a whole, the season hasn’t been as good as last year. But we have to find a way to continue. Our opponents today have a different look at our team. Of course they always respected, but today they retreat very defensively. Sometimes, it’s very difficult for us to get in and score goals.

“But we have to keep fighting. We have to fight for the qualification in the Champions League in the Premier League and we have to seek the qualification against Real Madrid.”