It seems there’s a real chance Kevin Mbabu will end up staying at Augsburg following his loan from Fulham.

German newspaper Schwabmünchner Allgemeine today shares a long story about the fullback, praising his latest performances for the Bundesliga side and wondering about his future.

It’s recalled that when Augsburg signed him from Fulham, the Whites even committed to paying part of his wages, but did not include a buying option in the deal.

Now as the German club’s sporting director Marijo Jurenddic talks about the situation, he leaves that possibility open.

“We have no access to Kevin as far as the option is concerned. He has a contract with Fulham. That’s a fact.

“Kevin had the big goal of returning to the national team. This goal happened via FC Augsburg. He is extremely valuable to us this season. We are happy to have him. We’ll see what the future holds.”

Mbabu insisted it’s Fulham who’ll have the final decision on what happens to him.

“Everything is open, I feel good here, but it’s not just about me, Fulham also have an important say. I have one year left on my contract plus a one-year option. There are no talks at the moment, I’m focussing on my job at FCA.

“I try everything to help the team. I’ve always said that the best Kevin is yet to come. I showed today that I am one of the best full-backs in this league.”

Mbabu gets much praise from Schwabmünchner Allgemeine, with the outlet claiming he’s been doing very well in this second part of the season.

The fullback, who now has 21 appearances for Augsburg, is currently valued by Transfermarkt at €3.5m. We shall soon see how much Fulham will demand for his permanent departure, in case they do accept to negotiate the sale.