Jerome Boateng’s time with Manchester City wasn’t an absolute disaster, but it’s fair to say it wasn’t a huge success either. Now at Bayern Munich and one of the best defenders in the world, Boateng was unable to settle and show his very best for various reasons, including injury and being played at right back.

When Bayern Munich came in to take the player back to Germany, it was welcomed by Boateng, and Manchester City were even able to make a small profit.

Since then Boateng has improved hugely and is very happy at Bayern Munich. He and his representatives have certainly not been ones to push the idea of an exit, even to get a juicier contract.

In 2015, when Manchester United rumours were abound, the club being linked to half of Bayern Munich’s team at the time, Sport Witness contacted the player’s agent and were told that simply he had a contract, there was no interest in leaving.

A new contract now lasts until June 2021 and Boateng doesn’t sound like he longs for another shot at the Premier League. Speaking to German magazine SportBild, the defender was asked about Leroy Sane and what he can expect as a Premier League newcomer.

Boateng explained: “In England, you must immediately work. You actually need a period of residence, because different football is played there.

“But the English press does not give you any time for it, immediately raising it. This is not easy for a player. Some can handle criticism a bit better, but others say: What am I doing here? Everything is terrible, even the weather.”

The former Manchester City player is clearly happier on the Costa del Bavaria.