With FIFA, the Premier League and the UK Government working on an agreement so players can travel for international duty and be available for their clubs when returning, most issues in South America’s World Cup qualifiers should be solved.

Still, there’s one pending problem, which is the entrance to Brazil of people who’d been in the UK. They’re supposed to quarantine, and that may stop some footballers from playing.

This is the case of Manchester United star Edinson Cavani, who’s hugely important for Uruguay, and is expected to face the yellow and greens on the 14th of October.

We’ve all seen that Argentina couldn’t use their players from the Premier League in São Paulo last month, as Brazilian health authorities invaded the pitch and suspended the match.

So according to El País, Uruguay are already moving to make Cavani available. Just like Brazilian players have an exception to travel from England and play the games, they want that for the Manchester United striker too.

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The story says Uruguay’s National Sports Secretary sent a letter to Brazil’s Sports Ministry asking for ‘reciprocity and goodwill’ so the 34-year-old can feature in the match.

“More than 5,700 athletes have entered Uruguay and we have not made any distinction by country of origin. A little while ago I sent the note and tomorrow the issue will continue with the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, the Brazilian Football Confederation and the Ministry of Health there so that they can continue working on a solution,” said sub-secretary Paulo Ferrari.

El País says Uruguay are moving ‘earth and heaven’ to have Cavani available. Meanwhile, Brazil called up eight players from Premier League clubs and are feeling confident they’ll all be released.