Lucas Vazquez has been one of the players Zinedine Zidane treats as a soldier among his group. Always ready to give his everything on the pitch and not one to complain too much if he’s not called upon.

Seen as one among the ranks at Real Madrid, there’s never been a rush to give him a new contract and improve his terms, which has left the 29-year-old as one of the lowest paid players in the club’s squad.

Vazquez expected that to change this summer, with his contract coming to an end. Instead, partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing a knock to football finances, he’s been offered terms which aren’t what he wanted. That’s seen other clubs, such as Leeds United, Everton and AC Milan pulled into the picture.

Milan News cover interest in the player from a Rossoneri perspective, and when it comes to the competition they name Everton and ‘especially Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds’.

They believe Vazquez is getting ready for a move as a free agent in the summer, although it has to be assumed that should Madrid make a better offer there’s a good chance he’ll remain at the Spanish club.