Everton are one of several clubs eyeing Napoli goalkeeper Alex Meret this summer, with him considering his future at the Italian club.

That’s according to Udinese Blog, who say that the goalkeeper is a ‘valuable piece’ of the upcoming summer transfer market.

There are ‘many teams’ interested in a move for him, Inter and Roma above all, but ‘especially Carlo Ancelotti’s Everton’.

It’s explained that despite doing well for Napoli this season, Gennaro Gattuso prefers to play David Ospina, a situation that has led Meret to play the role of backup keeper.

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That has reinforced the idea he could move, and it’s believed that if he isn’t assured of a starting role next season, he could ask for a transfer.

That is something his agent, Andrea Pastorello, suggests, and he’s quoted as saying: “Meret? We are evaluating his situation. But we will see at the end of the season with Napoli what decision to take.”

That is where the likes of Everton come in, offering him the chance of regular football that isn’t on offer in Napoli at this moment in time.

Ancelotti would be more than aware of the goalkeeper’s abilities, given he handed him 37 appearances during his time in charge of Napoli.

If Meret is chasing regular first-team football, though, a move to Everton would make little sense.

It appeared they would need a replacement for Jordan Pickford earlier this season, but he’s since turned things around and, arguably, been one of their better players over the last few months.

That need for a replacement has diminished considerably as a result and why most links to goalkeepers are now ones who could challenge for the number two spot.

That would seemingly rule out Meret, who would be swapping one bench for the other if he were to make the move.