Earlier on on Monday, we covered some quotes from a former manager regarding Yankuba Minteh, as he defended the Newcastle United loanee’s inconsistency.

This came after the forward scored in the 2-2 draw against PSV Eindhoven at the weekend, but there are some who feel something isn’t quite clicking between the frontline at Feyenoord, with Santiago Giménez suffering from the Gambia international’s style of play.

Pierre van Hooijdonk was the one to point it out on NOS Studio Voetbal, relayed by, as he honed onto the Newcastle man and how he would be frustrated playing alongside him.

First, he explained how the setup put forward by Arne Slot didn’t favour the Mexican, who still managed to walk away with a goal.

He said: “It’s just incredibly difficult for him. Today, Feyenoord played with Milambo very much on the inside and with Minteh on the right. Minteh is extremely dangerous, only he doesn’t know when to go. He’s actually a ‘chance footballer’.”

Van Hooijdonk would rather the Newcastle loanee was more predictable with what he is going to do on the pitch, since that would help the striker in the middle.

He added: “Minteh is absolutely not reliable for him. It is great when you have at least one wing where you know what is going to happen. Stengs is not there and that is a huge loss for Feyenoord in terms of creativity, but also for Giménez. 

“The funny thing is that with Minteh’s speed, something does happen, but whether that makes you very happy as a central striker… It would drive me nuts.”

In short, the former Dutch striker wants to see more consistency from the Newcastle player, who is expected to return to St James’ Park at the end of the season.

For many, the player is still very raw, and time will develop him into a great player, but since Feyenoord have him now, the expectations are for the present, not the future.