talisca salvio A Bola July 20thYesterday, we covered a very weird story from A Bola which said that Anderson Talisca and Eduardo Salvio were both being negotiated by Benfica. England would be the destination for both of them.

The newspaper didn’t mention which clubs were interested in signing these players. That’s very uncommon in Portugal, as they normally name at least one or two sides for every man who could be leaving the country. Sometimes, there are so many clubs linked that there’s paragraphs full.

Now this morning, we didn’t even need to open the paper to find the same story again. A Bola’s front page says “Vieira negotiates the departures in London”, and there’s a picture of Talisca and Salvio.

Today’s article doesn’t have anything different from yesterday’s, apart from mentioning that the talks have been happening in London. It’s quite a short story really, which doesn’t seem to have a good reason to be selected to make the cover.

Anderson Talisca was linked to a Liverpool move earlier this month. After strange claims that the Reds were paying €25m for such an unproven player, a rumour about a transfer to Wolverhampton showed up. As he is a Jorge Mendes player, we know nothing is impossible.

Salvio’s case seemed to be a little different, since his agent is a compatriot of his. In the first article, the newspaper mentioned an old interest from Manchester City and nothing more. However, doing a little research, we found out that Jorge Mendes has also been involved in the player’s career.

Last month, A Bola said that Mendes had met the agent Agustín Jiménez ir order to find the player a move out of the club. The president Luís Felipe Vieira had authorized this negotiations, which meant that all of them were working together to make the winger go.

Now they claim that the Benfica president is negotiating in London, on his own, the departure of two players who could give the club €50m. Jorge Mendes’ name isn’t even mentioned in any of these latest articles.

After all, who’d think the super agent is involved in something like that?