AC Milan’s interest in Fikayo Tomori appears to be genuine, as the Italian club look for a central defender in the winter market.

Not so long ago, the Chelsea player was several names down the list for the Serie A side, but since then situations with other targets have seen Tomori work his way to the top of the pile.

Chelsea are thought to want to keep control over the 23-year-old’s future, so a loan move would make sense. SportMediaSet say that ‘despite the words’ of Frank Lampard, the transfer continues to be a real possibility.

They don’t make clear what they mean by the reference to Lampard.

SportMediaSet add that ‘negotiations go on’ between Chelsea and Milan for the defender, with the latter trying to get the Blues down on their asking price for a loan. According to the claims, the Premier League club want a €3m loan fee plus a buying option set at €30m.

This is too high for Milan who have so far offered €1m for the loan.