Barcelona want to solve defender Clement Lenglet’s future next week and are taking steps to get closer to Tottenham to do so.

That’s according to Sport, who say ‘decisive steps’ are being taken and a loan with a mandatory purchase clause has not been ruled out.

The newspaper explains that Barcelona want to resolve the situation around Lenglet, who they’ve been determined to move on this summer to release funds in their salary cap, next week if possible.

Tottenham remains their best option and ‘steps have been taken’ to get closer to them and help find a formula with which all parties are comfortable. The ‘good relations’ between the two clubs have helped to facilitate that.

A new loan move has not been ruled out at this moment in time, albeit with a mandatory purchase clause included unlike last year.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has already made it clear he wants to reach an understanding with Tottenham for the Frenchman, and they are working on the deal.

The Catalan club’s tour of the USA has somewhat paralysed the negotiations but those have now been reopened in the hope of finding an agreement, particularly with Lenglet making it clear he would like to return to London.

The ‘main stumbling block’ for the move was Barcelona’s valuation of the defender, with them asking for €15m. Tottenham do not want to pay that and would prefer a ‘symbolic figure’ at best given they’ll be taking on Lenglet’s high wages completely.

They believe by doing so they’ve already made a significant effort to sign him and shouldn’t have to pay a big transfer fee either.

That left everything stuck but the clubs are now getting closer, and the deal will be done on a low-cost permanent deal or loan with a mandatory purchase clause. The idea is to try and close the deal next week.