Fluminense president Mario Bittencourt has given a press conference today, and talked about the arrivals and departures for the 2020 season.

One of the topics was of course Allan, who had a loan spell at the club in 2019 and has now returned to Liverpool.

Fluminense have been making it clear they want to buy the player permanently, and negotiations with the Reds have been well followed by the local media.

But this time Mario Bittencourt chose to bring it all out, and revealed all the details of the talks between the clubs, saying it’s Liverpool who have been making things hard.

“Liverpool said yes to us that they were interested in selling. I made a bid for 50%, then they replied that they were only interested in selling 90%. I made a bid for 90%, and Liverpool said they could split into 24 instalments. I made the proposal, but they said a club arrived to pay cash,” he said (via Globo Esporte).

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“I increased the amount, matched with those who would pay in cash, still in 20 instalments. They replied ‘no because we have it in cash’. I made a new proposal increasing the amount. Since I’m increasing the overall amount I want to keep the instalments.

“I still have no answer. I increased the proposal by 20%, but always split it, of €3m. If I delayed 3 months of salary, I would have cash to buy in cash, but I’d have salaries delayed and would lose players.”

Mario Bittencourt didn’t say who the other club are, but there’s a good chance it’s Atlético Mineiro, since the Brazilian media reported their bid at the end of the last week.

Allan’s contract with Liverpool expires at the end of the season, and that’s why the Reds are interested in cashing in with his sale now.