The Italian media almost rejoiced last week when it was thought Juventus had finally found a new home for Aaron Ramsey.

Often injured and not always in his manager’s plans, the Turin club have been trying to get rid of the player for most of the transfer windows since he joined them as a free agent.

Crystal Palace coming into the picture was seen as a boost, Ramsey would get to play for Patrick Vieira, a manager who appreciates him, and he could also return to live in London.

Burnley had recently been turned down, and whilst it was thought that was understandable, Crystal Palace just seemed like a much better solution.

However, Gazzetta dello Sport now report that the Palace situation seems to be going the same way as the Lancashire club.

In a Tuesday report on players who could still leave the Turin club, they state: ‘Juventus, however, for Bentancur and the other midfielders of the squad who were not born in Wales, has a precise idea: no one goes away unless a potential starter who is liked by Max Allegri arrives.’

Given Juve only have the one player born in Wales, we all know what Gazzetta are getting at, and the frustration with Ramsey is building. According to the report, the former Arsenal man is ‘the only player Juventus have openly invited to leave’.

They want him out, and they want him out over the next week. There’s now a worry that Crystal Palace will join the growing list of clubs rejected by Ramsey, and it’s down to the Eagles and Juve to convince the player that isn’t the right decision to make.