Yesterday we brought you an update on the future of Henry Onyekuru, who seems destined to be leaving Everton in some form again this summer.

For the most part, it appeared like he would be heading back to Turkey, with Galatasaray keen to secure another loan deal and the player happy to go back for another year.

However, reports from Belgium suggested there may be a new club on the horizon. Le Soir in Belgium claimed that Napoli were keen on the Nigerian winger and had even offered €16m for him.

That claim was a little out of the blue given that none of the Napoli media, who are usually hot on these things, had reported anything of the sort.

Well, today they have and it seems the Onyekuru talk was wide of the mark. Calcio Napoli have covered the rumour today and poured cold water all over it.

They have an interview with RAI Sport journalist Ciro Venerato and he says while Onyekuru ‘was proposed’ he was never ‘treated by the blue leadership’ and they ‘never even offered the €16m of which Le Soir speaks’.

That appears to be a categorical rejection of that rumour and from a source more trusted in Napoli affairs than Le Soir.

Where Onyekuru heads next remains to be seen. He’s clearly caught the eye of some clubs, which makes it interesting that Everton are seemingly not keen on him.