Chelsea defender César Azplicueta says there is ‘not much time left’ for them to finish the Premier League season.

England’s top-flight is currently on indefinite lockdown as the UK tries to control the spread of Coronavirus.

The league had initially only been temporarily suspended, with a deadline for the end of April later set as the target point for its return.

However, that date is looking increasingly unfeasible as COVID-19 continues to spread and the UK’s lockdown remains in place.

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The Premier League are determined to finish this season in whatever manner, with several suggestions about how they may do that already in place.

If the season were to be completed, it would have to happen in a very strict timeframe and Azplicueta believes there isn’t much room left.

“We’ll see when we can start playing again, but it’s difficult to get an idea,” the Chelsea captain told Noticias de Navarra.

“There is talk of many dates to come back to play, but they are speculations because everything changes a lot.

“What is clear is that the main thing is everyone’s health, that the disease is controlled and then we’ll see how the rest of the issues turn out.

“The reality is that we are in April and this season, in principle and unless there is a change, ends in June.

“There is not much time left, but we depend on how the disease develops, on the problem being solved and, from there, on the decisions made in the field of sport.”

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Like his fellow footballers across the world, Azpilicueta currently finds himself trying to maintain his fitness from home in isolation.

This is proving to be a tricky task for many footballers who have found it hard to maintain their high standards without access to the club’s facilities or their team of fitness experts.

And the Chelsea defender admits it has been tough, saying it is clear their daily plans aren’t at the same level.

“It’s a completely strange and new situation for everyone,” he added.

“We try to replace the activity by doing cycling and other exercises individually. We are thinking about coming back in the best possible shape.

“We do some work outside, what we can in the garden, and we are in permanent contact with the team’s technicians so that they can solve any doubts.

“We are connected by video calls and also by phone. You can tell we can’t train normally.

“We are used to preparing at the highest level and, although we have these training and care plans for the day to day, it is clear that daily training cannot be replaced with these individualised plans.

“Let’s see when we come back and hopefully it won’t be for long.”