The Brazilian media today brings more updates on Robert Kenedy’s situation at Chelsea.

With Flamengo still interested in the signing, the Rio de Janeiro side continue to wait for the Blues to approve the winger’s loan for one season.

Goal now writes that Chelsea are currently ‘boiling’ the Brazilian club in the negotiations. That’s a Portuguese slang to say the Premier League side are taking things slow as they wait for something better to show up.

The Blues’ desire is to keep Kenedy in Europe. However, since no clubs from the Old Continent have showed up yet, Flamengo continue to wait for their chance.

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Goal claims that Kenedy should take part in Chelsea’s training sessions in the coming days and should be watched by Thomas Tuchel.

Still, there’s a ‘very small’ chance he’ll be used by the club this season.

It’s said the loan is seen by all parts as the ‘best path’, and the Blues keep working calmly to choose the player’s next destination.