Portuguese outlet TVI24 last night brought the latest updates on Chelsea’s pursuit for Porto midfielder Jesus Corona.

Back on Wednesday night, they had the exclusive information that the Blues would be willing to spend €30m to sign the Mexican player in the summer window.

Now journalist Rui Pedro Braz explained the situation and said the 28-year-old could actually leave the Dragons for less than expected.

He points out that Corona is protected by a €30m release clause only until the end of May. From June on, the price drops to €25m, and it’s quite unlikely Porto could convince Chelsea to pay over the clause by then.

However, it’s also claimed it wouldn’t be strange to see the Dragons making the sale in May, before the end of the season. Portuguese clubs are used to anticipating sales both to have them in the accounts of the first semester and to avoid losing players for a smaller price.

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Sevilla are said to be interested in Corona as well, and along with Chelsea, these are the two main clubs who could take the player out of Portugal this summer.

Rui Pedro Braz points out Corona made a big mistake in one of the games against Chelsea in the Champions League, helping the Blues score one of the goals in the first leg. He says he doesn’t know how much it could make the Stamford Bridge side look at the player with ‘other eyes’, although his form for Porto should show he’s better than that.