Juventus are increasingly confident over a move for Everton’s Moise Kean and believe they can have his return wrapped up by the weekend.

That’s according to Tuttosport, who say a ‘blitz’ from Mino Raiola has helped to push things along considerably.

According to their information, Juventus are already looking beyond Cristiano Ronaldo, who is increasingly likely to join Manchester City.

They held talks with Raiola yesterday over a move for Kean to replace the Portuguese star, and the ‘blitz’ from the agent has helped to ‘strengthen the odds’ of a deal with Everton.

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He is not the only player that the Bianconeri managers are looking at for their forward line, but he is the man at the front of the queue, and there is a feeling ‘it can be done in two days’.

The Everton man is considered the ‘most feasible to sign immediately’, and the hope is that it can be done by the weekend so they can then focus their efforts on someone else as a last-minute addition.

There is no mention of the type of move or negotiations with the Toffees, although numerous reports elsewhere have indicated it would be a loan with an obligation to buy.

Whether that proves to be the case remains to be seen, but we won’t have long to find out as Juventus are pushing to get Kean back to the club asap.