Ahead of Newcastle United’s clash against Blackburn Rovers tonight, ESPN Brasil features a new part of a recent interview with Magpies star Bruno Guimarães.

There, they asked the midfielder whether there’s any player in Brazil who could succeed in case of a move to the Premier League.

ESPN says Guimarães was quick to bring up a name, recommending the signing of Raphael Veiga from Palmeiras.

“He’s one of the names that would fit in here. He takes corners well, shoots from distance, has a good set piece. We were together in 2018 at Athletico-PR. I think he could have a very good future if he comes to Europe,” said the Newcastle star.

Veiga has indeed been doing great in Brazil for a while, and even got six caps for the national team without leaving the country, which is rare these days.

The midfielder is now having another great start to the season with five goals in six games, so it shall be no surprise if he gets linked to European clubs once again.

It seems Newcastle were never after him, though, as he was actually linked to the likes of Fulham and Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League.

Now what’s starting to make a move more difficult is that he’s 28, turning 29 in June, and it becomes unlikely that English clubs would take him from Brazil at that age… but maybe Bruno can nudge the Magpies.