We’ve always been used to read all sorts of stories from the rumour mill, with claims getting a little crazier now that the Saudi market is on fire.

At the weekend, reports said that Fabinho’s move from Liverpool to Al-Ittihad could collapse because his dogs wouldn’t be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.

That’s why Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte today features a story on the situation, following all the attention it got on Twitter and media outlets.

Following the claims that French Bulldogs wouldn’t be allowed in Saudi Arabia, the website claims to have checked that and confirmed that’s not true.

Globo Esporte got in touch with Fabinho’s entourage and heard that the dogs are ‘not a concern’ for his move from Liverpool to Al-Ittihad.

It’s claimed the transfer was only not concluded yet because of ‘bureaucratic details’, which have nothing to do with dog breeds.

A representative from the Saudi club was in London at the weekend to sort those final details, and only a bank statement is said to be lacking for now. Then Fabinho will be able to leave Liverpool and sign next week.