Denis Suarez to Arsenal isn’t dead.

Things aren’t going swimmingly right now but the possible deal is being kept alive because the footballer really wants the move.

He’s not prepared to listen to other options, despite the Catalan press reporting offers from other La Liga clubs, and has his mind set on being a Gunner.

Catalan newspaper Sport say Barcelona have been willing to work with Arsenal on a loan deal, without purchase obligation, as long as they receive ‘small financial compensation’ of around €2m.

That doesn’t seem to be an issue.

However, Barca also want Denis to extend his contract before going anywhere on loan, protecting the value of their asset with the only powers they seem to have right now.

Denis is fine with that, in principle, but Sport say he wants a ‘significant increase’ in his wages on any new deal.

That hasn’t been agreed to, and until a compromise is found, or Denis gives up his Arsenal plans, he’ll remain at the Camp Nou.